Last Light Falling (The Covenant #1) by J.E Plemons

Last Light Falling (The Covenant, #1)Last Light Falling by J.E. Plemons

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Why would someone like yourself come to my aid? I’m just an old, withering man who has nothing to offer” he says.
“And I’m a broken girl who wants nothing to take. Look into my eyes. What do you see?”

I’ve always been a fan of books threading the dystopian & post-apocalyptic genre, and this book never fails to exceed my expectations. First off, the story line is amazingly unique and hauntingly evocative at the same time. It is truly an epitome of a true page-turner. Every detail is intricately described, that you’ll almost feel you’re one of the characters and everything is happening around you. The action sequences are to die for (literally!). The author really did a great job when it comes to research, because he was able to portray dangerous and yet plausible scenes effectively. The protagonists, Arena & Gabriel Power, despite their unbelievable gifts are amazingly exemplified as humans. You can feel their happiness, pain, fear, anger and rage, which are all basic human emotions. The rest of the characters are well-developed and as you go along you’ll realize that everyone plays an important part in keeping the story intact.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wanted more than just a post-apocalyptic story. This would definitely make you awake for hours not only because of the utterly gripping scenes, but because you wouldn’t dare to put it down once you open its pages.

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Doubt by Anne-Rae Vasquez

Doubt (Among Us, #1)Doubt by Anne-Rae Vasquez

Rate: 4.5 stars
This is the first book of the Among Us Trilogy series by Anne-Rae Vasquez. It revolves around the lives of unique individuals that are banded together to discover the truth behind their missing loved ones; little do they know they will discover much more than what they anticipated. Harry Doubt created an online game known as Truth Seeker, as a way to gather these people, particularly those with exceptional abilities and skills. Their quest for truth will lead them in the midst of “the end of the world” and it is up to them how they are going to stop it or if they have what it takes to impede these catastrophic events.

What I like with this book is the fast-paced action and suspense in every page, which keeps me on edge and glued to my seat at the same time. Being a supernatural / paranormal fan, I loved how detailed the author depicts every scene, making it so realistic and plausible, to the point wherein we question ourselves about the reality of the world we’re living in. The story was complex enough to keep you guessing without being exaggerated. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5-star is that some of the characters are not transitioned into the story properly, making it difficult to remember who’s who and their relevance in the story, which I hope to be cleared out in the next part of the series. Overall, this is definitely a good read and I honestly can’t wait for the next book in this trilogy.

I highly recommend this to everyone who loves science fiction and dystopian genre with an added supernatural twist.

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