Plague of Angels (The Descended#1) by John Patrick Kennedy

Plague of Angels (The Descended, #1)Plague of Angels by John Patrick Kennedy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off, I will take the liberty to forewarn you that this book is definitely not for the weak-hearted and who has frail and wavering Christian faith.

This is certainly one of the books that could cause sensationalism because of the unbelievable depiction of every war and battles in human history, as well as the incredible story line about the Son of God as one of the bad guys. The author did a very good job in creating an intricate story, which could keep you hanging on the edge of your seats and makes your mind run wild in anticipation for what will happen in every page. The characters are artistically sculpted to fit into their persona, making it realistic and yet astonishing. There may be too much sex and carnage, but personally, I think it is essential to describe the havoc and cruelty caused by Dark Angels. Another thing that amazes me is how detailed the story is written, despite its difficult context.

This may be beyond the usual supernatural/paranormal thriller we are used to, which makes it even more interesting to read. I, personally couldn’t wait for the next book in this series. I would recommend this to everyone who wants more than the usual, as long as they’re strong enough to take on the sex and gore. (And terrifying dreams!)

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